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Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Malgorzata moved to New York in 2003.

She became a NYC bartender while studying accounting at the NY Institute

for English & Business. While working as a full time accountant, Maggie discovered that she had a passion for photography. She's done photography work

for ID Models, BMG Models, Q Models, etc. After shooting for the Garo Sparo

& Cobos Couture clothing lines, her work in photography transitioned into a full time commitment.


She interned for Sante D'Orazio Studios, Milk Studio and was an assistant for Dan & Corina Lecca during NYC's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2008. Her portfolio is diverse, as she has shot for various brands of jewelry & accessories, motion pictures, advertisements and NYC nightlife.


It was her work in the NYC nightlife scene that lead her to the World of Burlesque. Several years back, Maggie was introduced to the burlesque scene and as the art form moved from back alley, underground cabarets into mainstream film and entertainment, she became inspired to capture the beauty of it in her photography projects. She is the Author of the "PlayMe Burlesque" deck of cards


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